We are DREX

A dedicated financing
renewable energy platform

renewable energy


A single place to


Under a standardized project finance approach to access capital and accelerate the clean energy transition


Clean energy with low or no capital upfront


In real clean energy assets and receive returns with a positive environment impact

Get Funding

To facilitate the construction of clean energy projects


The performance of your clean energy investment with real time data


The real production of the energy plant and stay on track of the energy asset

Our approach
Enabling funding for small to medium-sized renewable energy projects in emerging markets (0.5 to 30 MW or costing less than $50M) by streamlining the asset finance workflow, connecting investors, project developers, and energy consumers
Who DREX connects
Investors Debt
Investors Debt

Financial institutions committed to deploying solar project finance with a focus on achieving net zero emissions.

Investors Equity
Investors Equity

ESG funds and individual investors seeking financial and sustainable returns from clean energy projects. They prioritize long-term vision and tangible renewable assets.

Solar Contractors
Solar contractors

Solar construction companies catering to clients lacking the capital to finance solar projects, whether on or off-grid.

Energy Consumers
Energy Consumers

Businesses interested in transitioning to solar energy but lacking full upfront capital.  They prefer a model paying energy as a service and receive ownership of the infrastructure at the end of the service term.

Our Process

Investors participate in funding the cost of the energy solution


The SPV pays the contractor to build and operate the energy solution


The contractor installs and operates the solar plants


The energy consumer receives energy onsite


Energy consumer pays back to the SPV according to an energy rate predefined on the long-term agreement


SPV pays back the investors according to their participation

digital colaboration
Digital collaboration
Speed project finance by prioritizing collaborative efforts in one single platform.
marketplace for projects
Marketplace for projects
Explore, screen and benchmark renewable energy investments.
virtual data room
Virtual data room for projects
Project origination by standardized documentation
project management
Project  management 
Real time energy monitoring Status of projects construction, maintenance and operation
finance management
Finance management
Project evaluation Real time capital performance
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